Sunday, January 13, 2013

Round 1, Week 1

I set a ROW80 goal for myself of working on my writing at least 30 minutes a day and at least 5 days a week.  I wrote five days last week, an hour or more each day. Props to me! I would also like to thank some contributing factors to my first week's success.  One, my supportive husband who reads my work and watches the baby. Two, the grad class I thought started the 7th of January really starts the 19th.

Here's the break-down for week one, round 1: Monday, I wrote for an hour or so while baby napped.  Tuesday, I spied this blog's flash fiction contest on twitter, and I wrote about 250 words on my phone during my break at work then worked on it at home that night. (When the writing bug bites...) Wednesday, I edited and revised that short story; it ended up being around 480 words.  Thursday night I read and critiqued pieces for our writers group.  Friday is my big writing day: John took care of the baby for the morning while I went to a cafe for 3 solid hours of critiquing, editing and revising and then another two hours in the afternoon at our critique group.  Huzzah for me.  This could be my full time job if I didn't have to, you know, make money.

this is a BLOG HOP.


  1. Well done; you've made really good progress!

  2. Excellent work this work. :)

  3. Doing well and what a nice husband you have:)

  4. Nicely productive! Aren't cafe's great places to write? Coffee, and just enough noise for a pleasant background hum, but nothing you need to pay attention to. That gives me a tremendous feeling of freedom. (I don't know why, though....)

    1. It helps to get away from distractions at home. The only sad part is my favorite cafe closed down, so now I go to my second favorite. I'd like to open my own some day. ^_^

  5. I love going to cafes to write, though I don't get the chance to do it that often, sadly! That's awesome that your husband is so supportive, as well!