Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spain inspires me.

I had already neared the end of my first draft when my husband and I went to Spain for our two-year anniversary. I already had in mind what I wanted the world to look like. I had written it already; I knew the setting. But seeing it in my head and experiencing it in real life are two different things. With my mind already rich with imagined landscape, I saw my created world all around me in the little details.

I observed--took in sight, sound, smell. I let myself feel: the in wind my hair as I smelled the salt sea, the rough stone under my hand, the cool shade of the arboretum. Opening up to truly seeing reshaped my fantasy world. Letting me see it and describe it more clearly.

The castles we visited:

The sprawling cities:
Malaga, Spain
The lighthouses:

The sea: 
The Sea

The rooms made of living trees:

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