Saturday, October 12, 2013

Video: Ideas and Inspiration in Creative Writing

A few months ago, I wrote about where my inspiration comes from. Then recently, I came across this video on the topic of ideas and inspiration for creative writers. Scottish writer Keith Gray talks about how he first started writing and about the books and movies that inform his writing. A key idea from this video is to read, and don’t be afraid to get ideas from other books and movies. Also good advice: keep a notebook. I’ve recently started keeping a notebook of my daily life and I have found that has helped me focus.

When I comes to “stealing” idea from other books, I agree with Mr. Gray. A good writer can twist a classic plot and come up with new ideas. There really are a limited number of plots in the world, and chances are, they have already been written. 

After watching this video, I am reflecting on my own beginnings into writing. I have a "book" of poetry from my elementary school years. I designed the lay out with clip art and printed it out on our color printer and stapled it together. I also have a handwritten partial story in a notebook from my middle school years that worked its way into my current novel. 


  1. Excellent video. Thank you for posting. I can't remember who said it but there is a quote about inspiration that goes something like "It's not about seeing something that hasn't been seen before but about seeing something new in that which everyone has seen".

    Guillermo del Toro is another who has kept very elaborate and beautiful notebooks for over a decade to help him with his work.

    The notebooks can become their own works of art in time.

    1. I try to look on things with fresh eyes to stay inspired.

      I keep multiple notebooks. For journaling and for notes related to my novels. They've been helpful for me.

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    1. Glad you liked it. I thought the video was worth sharing.