Monday, June 24, 2013

Flash 500 -- Flash Fiction Anthology

When I first came across the flash fiction blog hop, I thought it would be fun. A 500 word story inspired off a photograph and 5 words sounded like a good writing exercise. There are many excellent bloggers included in this collection, and I'm proud that I am selected to be epublished with them. I'm glad to be a part of this free flash fiction ebook. Look for my short "A Ghost of Herself" amid this fine collection of stories all 500 words or less.

You can download a free copy of Flash 500.

Here is the description form the website: " Take a journey in 500 words or less. As we take you along our year long journey, you will find an eclectic collection of suspense, horror, comedy, and romance - and everything else in between. The authors of this anthology prove how far the imagination can go. Five required words, one photo, and a week to write 500 words or less - these writers took on the challenge. Can you? It’s kind of an anthology. It’s also kind of a way of getting you inspired, too. A collection of blog-written stories suitable for most readers. Some profanity, some sexual references."

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  1. I noticed on another blog post today of a website called This company takes your blog and turns it into a book. I thought it would be cool to gather my own short stories, whether it be from the WWBH or otherwise, and make my own book for keepsakes. Or just all blogging posts in general for those who use their blog as a personal "scrapbook".