Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not fire, not ice

I play music while writing, but I don't listen to it. It becomes background noise until a word or musicalphrase catches my attention, inspiring me. When I'm not writing, I listen. I'm always on the lookout (listenout?) for songs with lyrics and melodies that inspire. Usually the words, tone and mood of the song will fit in some way with the story I'm working on. (Even if it's just in my own mind.)

I like to switch it up. I've got a play list for each book in the trilogy as well as a master "writing" playlist. Or sometimes i just listen to Pandora. I've got a station based on book one I call "lighthouse radio" and a different station for book two. Nothing yet for the final in the trilogy, but I've not started working on that one.

The YA fantasy novel I'm working on uses the four ancient elements as a motif: earth, wind, fire, water. Now, when I'm talking about finding songs that fit my theme, I don't mean a certain 1970 band. No, I listen for songs or lyrics with elements of the elements, as it were.

For example, Not Fire, Not Ice by Ben Harper. Harper sings of moutains and rivers, ocean and sun, but he also sings of true love and sacrifice--there I find the crux of my story. My premise is ancient and true: Love conquers through self-sacrifice.

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