Monday, December 31, 2012


Sometimes the tone of a song inspires me just as much as the lyrics. Though this song shares it's title with an important setting in my novel, it is the mood and tone of Lighthouse by Antje Duvekot that matches so well with the ending of my story. 

Seriously, this is the ending credits song for the movie in my head when I'm writing, and I hope to convey that image to the movie in the reader's head with my words.  Still, the beauty of a book is the interior. The thoughts, feelings and motivations of the characters can be artfully displayed on a page just as well as a action or setting.

So in the end, the lighthouse stands alone after the ocean turns to desert. When others wonder why she stayed upon that rock, she doesn't expect understanding.  But the reader understands. Consider howuseless a lighthouse in a desert, but she still glows, remembering the cool waters of the only ocean she's known. I make an analogy in my head to losing one's first love and waiting for his return. She keeps a flame burning for him forever.

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